Artistic practices that focus on the reconstructions of language, where the aim is to question, investigate or reconsider social attitudes of interpretation, has a long history. Coming from a similar perspective, but diverging from these reconstructive tendencies, the 98 artists participating in the exhibition you can’t see “The Forest For The Trees” respond to the title and concept of the project- in a myriad of ways from humorous charm to a certain disquietude.

The “forest for the trees” by “the intersperse curatorial collective”, (Anne O'Callaghan, Francesca Vivenza, Jocelyne Belcourt Salem) was generously supported by Chad Wolfond, Director of the Lonsdale Art Gallery who gave us the full run of his gallery and by Professor Barbara Godard who wrote the essay.

Tree Symphony (eight movements)

The dreaming body is free to dance amongst the trees weaving patterns into a geography.
Hidden morphologies become rooted, lingering in silence and setting rhythms in motion.
Walking into the forest, the trees absorb your body into a dance.
By resisting the too distant, primal aspects of being here, each incident becomes a
container for the senses.
Signs and symbols arise slipping into the mental constructs of an imaginary forest.
Shadows reflect the whispers of wind moving between limbs.
Your feet take root before vertical thrusts of growth, sounding.
Touching hands shape a chorus of trees.

Maralynn Cherry
The Forest For The Trees
The Lonsdale Gallery Forest Hill Village
November 9th to November 30th 2006
“The Forest For The Trees”
Circolo Culturale Il Gabbiano
La Spezia, Italy
Fall 2007

Forest for the Trees Catalogue